Australia: Hospital workers refuse to deal with flu patients

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Australia: Hospital workers refuse to deal with flu patients

Doctors and nurses might have to change beds and mop floors at Cairns Base Hospital with cleaners, orderlies and wardsmen refusing to service people with swine flu.

The assistants have threatened to ban service to any part of the hospital occupied by people with the virus after a row with Queensland Health over sick leave entitlements.

More than 100 workers voted unanimously for the action at meetings at the hospital yesterday.

Australian Workers’ Union Far Northern district organiser John Van Leent said a memorandum from Queensland Health was “short changing members”.

He said the memorandum stated employees who fell ill and had used all their sick leave were only entitled to access their long service leave or sick leave without pay.

“We are not going to go in there unless they change their policy,” he said.

“Nurses or doctors will have to take up work … whoever wants to do it, it won’t be us.”


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