DISASTER SPIRITUAL CARE – Practical Clergy Responses to Community

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Practical Clergy Responses to Community, Regional and National Tragedy Edited by Rabbi Stephen B. Roberts, BCJC, and Rev. Willard W.C. Ashley, Sr., DMin, DH

The first comprehensive resource for pastoral care in the face of disaster— a vital resource for counselors and caregivers of all faith traditions.

This essential resource for clergy and caregivers integrates the classic foundations of pastoral care with the unique challenges of disaster response on community, regional and national levels.

Offering the latest theological perspectives and tools, along with basic theory and skills from the best disaster response texts, research and concepts, the contributors to this resource are innovators in their fields and represent Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and more.

Exploring how spiritual care changes following a disaster, and including a comprehensive explanation of a disaster’s lifecycle, this is the definitive guidebook for counseling not only the victims of disaster but also the clergy and caregivers who are called to service in the wake of crisis.…2d8765a9?hl=en


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